Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla was bankrupt for an April Fool’s prank and that he was surrounded by bottles of Teslaquila. Now there really is a Tesla Tequila.

Elon Musk has once again really outdone himself and made a legit bottle of Tesla-branded Tequila which he appropriately calls Teslaquila. Earlier today (Apr. 4,2018) Elon Musk shared a photo on Instagram of his Tesla branded Tequila and it looks like a legit bottle of real deal Tequila with Tesla branding and everything. If you don’t believe me, check out a photo of the bottle of Tesla alcohol below.

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Earlier on Easter Sunday aka April 1 aka April Fool’s Day, Elon tweeted out a photo of himself with a “Bankwapt” sign on himself which probably freaked out a couple of employees and investors.

In his aforementioned tweet, he mentions his bottles of Teslaquilla. One Twitter user even asked if he could try some and Elon responded that, “It’s the best.”

And a couple of days later, here we are.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in response to Elon’s clearly joke of a tweet, Tesla’s stock price took a seven percent hit opening at just 248 points. Of course, the tweet itself isn’t the only reason Tesla’s stock took a dive.

This all comes on the coattails of an aftermath of a fatal crash involving an autonomous Tesla Model X Uber and a cyclist.

In addition, Moody’s Investor’s Service downgraded Tesla’s credit rating with the company’s cash levels as a warning sign to investors.

Elon, being himself, took this joke to its ultimate end and really delivered on the Teslaquila final product.

Who knows. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla ACTUALLY sells Tequila. They do need the cash.


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