This convenience store owner in Japan thinks his shop is cursed thanks to another car crash that slipped through his railings put up specifically to stop crashes.

By nature, convenience stores like this 7-11 in Japan get major traffic daily thanks to cars parking and leaving at their store at all hours. But with parking so close to the store, statistically, someone’s going to crash into your store. It’s just a matter of time. According to Sora News 24 earlier last week (Mar. 28, 2018) this 7-11 store owner in Japan had a car crash right through the opening in a set of steel guardrails he already put up thanks to another car crashing into his store some time ago. What are the chances? Check out a photo of the unfortunate crash for yourself below! You’ll have to look closely because the car really wedged itself in their!

You’ll notice in the photo that he’s put up those aforementioned steel guardrails just in case. There’s a space conveniently placed right in front of the store’s doors so logically customers can walk in and out. That also happens to be where the car managed to slip through.

Here’s what the store looked like before the railing was put in thanks to Google maps.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt or injured. The driver of the car, a 79-year-old local who had his wife riding shotgun, reportedly mistook his accelerator for the brake pedal, a classic cause (or excuse) in cases like this.

No word on what the owner of the store will now do but presumably he’s going to have to put even more reinforcements in front of his store.

Perhaps he can put some concrete barriers, anchored to the ground, that allow people to walk through but with spacing too small for a car to slip through.

Some commenters on another outlet reporting on the same incident blame the driver’s old age. Others humorously suggest that this might be an act of terrorism. Some even throw out there that this was a robbery gone awry.

I think it’s just a string of bad luck for this 7-11. If it happens again, he might have to get a priest in there to rid the place of bad spirits.


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