In his first social media appearance since he went missing Fred Lump Lump aka Ernesto Aguilar Gonzalez, let loose some details about his disappearance and more importantly, vowed to set the record straight.

Update 6/11/2018- Fred Lump Lump drops another video update.

Earlier in the week news dropped from Fred Lump Lump’s personal Instagram that he’d finally be dropping a video in what presumably was going to tell the whole story behind what happened with him in Mexico and how he got back home.

In the ten and a half minute video that he uploaded onto his Facebook and conveniently left on public, Fred Lump Lump went on to explain that his disappearance was because of some clients cars that he had in his shop and that he first had to get his name clear before he could move on with the situation.

More importantly, Fred Lump Lump spends most of the video explaining that, with the help of friends, he’s going to personally dissect each and every rumor that went down while he was missing as well as personally making sure that he calls out these supposed friends that instilled fear into his wife, family, and friends.

I’ve embedded the video below for yourself to watch and transcribed the most important parts below.

Less than a minute into the video Fred Lump Lump explains as much as he feels comfortable explaining about the situation.

“This is a personal matter in relation to some cars that I had at my shop. There was a lot of speculation on things that were happening with these cars and these customers. I was put in a position where I had to clear my name. Again, those that know me know that I’m pretty transparent. I speak about everything in my life. This was no different. I actually had everything prepared to clear my name and once everything was in the clear, I’m able to be here.

Now that’s behind me, I can come back and be here. During that time there was a lot of things that could’ve been handled different…”

From what I’ve seen online, Fred Lump Lump was a uniter in the drifting community and he goes on to explain how he was happy to see the community coming together during his family’s time of need.

“I’m happy to see the community come together, like people that I never thought would come and support, they stepped up to the plate and did. Those of you around me and knew me on a personal level, Thank you for checking up on my wife.”

“I’m super super stoked on how everybody came together. I’ve been trying to do that for a long long time. Not just in the community where I live but in the community of cars, in drifting and that’s where I live, I live on social media.”

Finally, Fred Lump Lump goes on to explain that more videos will be coming in the near future that will debunk some of the rumors that circulated. Additionally, he’ll be tagging and calling out those that started those rumors.

“I’m not going to address all the rumors and all that just yet because it’s funny to me…The material’s really great. I’m going to have to use it. I’m going to make some videos on it because they’re just super funny. And when I make those videos along with some of my friends that are into media and have offered to help me make these videos, I don’t want you to message me saying that I stole your stories because I will give you credit for these stories, of each little video we put together. At the end of every video, we’ll give you credit on the storyline and we’ll tag your Instagram so people know that’s where they come from.

If you deny it that it wasn’t you, you can message me and I can send you the screenshots of you spreading these rumors.”

I can only assume FLL’s going to upload these videos on his once active Youtube. It looks like he’s temporarily shut down his old channel but maybe he’ll reactivate it (or start a new one?)

Nevertheless, it looks like all our questions will get answered in time and those that are hankering for some immediate explanations will just have to wait.

Take all the time you need Fred Lump Lump. You’re back and ready to continue on with life and that’s all that matters.


    • Can you prove that? What if you are wrong? You have no idea what his family went through. Seriously though – what if you are wrong and how can you be so certain?

  1. …….so a year later nothings explained…….sounds to me like we got scammed….I personally donated smh

    • No kidding. His videos, now no longer public, where so convincing, saying he’d call out certain individuals. Hey, I’m still waiting out on said videos and am giving him the benefit of the doubt but actions speak louder than words here. Like you said, a year’s a year.

  2. Phil and how is this even Related to David Do?
    With all the cars you own and your Professional thought youd have your hands full. You one busy bee. Can’t really say “Hey Phil Get a ******* Life!” Cause you do have a Life.


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