Fred Lump Lump, true to his word, dropped another update, this time, squashing some of the rumors going around.

It’s been a good two months since Fred Lump Lump’s first video update and one month since clearing up some naming rights issues with a shop claiming to do business under his name but Fred Lump Lump’s dropped another video. And if I read between the lines correctly, not only did Fred clear up some rumors, but finally dropped some details on what happened to him, including possible torture. Check out the sixteen-minute long video for yourself below while it’s still public.

As you can see in the video description, Fred reiterated that he really didn’t want to publish another video, “but I chose to talk about it.”

In the beginning, Fred spoke at length about how I presume, he’s getting professional help to deal with what happened to him.

“It’s OK to get professional help…this is not something that I had yet experienced. It’s a little different now that I’m older. Make sure you reach out and get professional help if you need it. It doesn’t make you a weak person, it doesn’t make you any less…If you reach out, I guarantee that they (your friends and family) will be there for you.”

The first rumor he squashed was that there was no missing person’s report filed by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. It’s true, the reason being that Fred Lump Lump is not a U.S. citizen. Brought here when he was only three months old, he’s lived his life up until now not really needing citizenship in America. He did acknowledge that now’s probably a good time to start thinking about applying to be a U.S. Citizen.

There was, however, a missing person’s report filed in Mexico at the Mexican consulate. Fred even dropped the case #946006STA30457.

Then, Fred went into a little more detail on what happened to him.

What happened was an isolated situation. I was held by some people that, I wouldn’t say bad people, call it what it is. My life was in danger. I went through a lot. They put me through quite a bit and I’m just blessed to be alive and be here and most people that are around me already know the situation and know the facts and know the truth on that.

This isn’t information that should be on the internet but I’m giving you the facts because I feel the need to let you guys know that it’s OK. Whatever you guys go through, seek help.

It all boils down to a couple of people thinking that they were going to end up in my position with me absent.

Fred then goes into information about some of the cars that he was selling prior to him disappearing. Whether or not this is related directly to his disappearance is still unclear.

I was selling the cars before I left Japan. I posted they were for sale while I was in Japan because I found a car that I wanted to buy so it was ok for me to sell the Chaser or the Q on the 26th. I had the owner of JIC come get the car. The person I left in charge was nowhere to be found at the shop. And then later on, the car was sold for a lot less than the original asking price from the person that was going to buy it on the 26th.

Fred goes on to explain how he stayed out of Southern California when he first arrived back in the United States from Mexico to distance himself from potential drama and undue stress his family would have to go through if he was there.

As for car business in the future, until he feels ready, car business will be on the back burner.

At first glance, it looks like Fred has improved physically since his last video update two months ago, so that’s a good sign. Emotionally, he’s got a strong head on his shoulders and knows when to get help, which he’s doing, so good on him for that.

Like others have commented on the video on Facebook, his supporters are just glad he’s back and doing OK.

Keep improving Fred and share as much as you feel the need to.



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