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2018 Toyota Camry Safety: The only photo you’ll need to see

This 2018 Toyota Camry might be unrepairable but its driver walked away without a scratch

If you had any doubts about the safety of the 2018 Toyota Camry, this set of photos should be all the proof you need that should put those doubts to rest.

Safety is oftentimes a number one concern for new car buyers. According to a set of photos from Toyota of Surprise, AZ that they posted up on their official Facebook page earlier last week (May 10, 2018) if these aftermath shots of a rear-end collision from a semi-truck are any sign of the Toyota Camry’s safety, the Camry is safe as they come. Check out the amazing set of photos for yourself below.

As you can see in the photos, the entire rear end of the 2018 Toyota Camry is totally demolished, there’s practically nothing left. As this Camry was rear-ended square on by something so large, its entire rear collapses like an accordion, shoving the entire Camry into the vehicle in front of it. Although not as bad as the rear, the Camry does suffer some front end damage as well.

Keen-eyed viewers will notice that both the driver and passenger cell of the Camry are completely intact. Not only was the driver able to walk away without a scratch, all four doors were able to open which means the entire driver and passenger cell is pretty much 100 percent.

Now, a few people might think this crash shows just how flimsy and thin new cars are. Surely, a car made of thicker metal, perhaps an SUV in the same situation, might’ve been repairable and fared better after the fact.

The truth is that this Camry reacted and crumpled exactly as it was supposed to. What some consider unrepairable damage others will see that just moderate to very little energy of the semi-truck slamming into the rear of the Camry transferred to the driver. With modern cars designed to fold and distribute energy away from its occupants in the event of a crash, while the car might suffer great damage, its occupants won’t.

Afterall, the IIHS gave the Camry top marks in all its categories earning the Camry a coveted Top Safety pick for 2018.

So, the next time you’re on the fence about saving a couple of thousand on a new Camry by buying a used one, consider that the newer ones DO fare better in collisions.


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