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Someone is building a legit replica EJ1 Honda Civic from The Fast and the Furious

Replica Civic Fast and Furious
Someone's making a replica of this exact Civic

Remember those three black EJ1 coupes from The Fast and the Furious? Someone’s finally building a legit replica of one.

When it comes to movie car replicas from The Fast and the Furious franchise, almost everyone loves to see recreations of Paul Walker’s Eclipse, his R34 or Jessie’s Jetta. But how about some of the lesser cars? According to Fast and Furious enthusiast and all-around legit replica car maker Dominic Rubreuil aka Dom_Dub on Instagram from earlier last weekend (May 13,2018) he’s got his sights on recreating one of those infamous black Civics from the first movie. Remember? Those black ones with green underglow that Dominic and his crew used to hijack trucks with? Check out the posts below!

A post shared by Dominic Dubreuil (@dom_dub) on

A post shared by Dominic Dubreuil (@dom_dub) on

If you search #ProjectHeist on Instagram, you’ll come across those posts from above. As you can see in the first post, Dom’s 1995 Honda Civic coupé is 60 percent there from looking like the real thing from the movie. Dom’s already got the wheels, the rear wing, side mirrors, not to mention the right car.

A big part of the look of those movie cars were the aero kits with the front bumper of this particular aero kit really selling it. The original aero kits were supposedly made and supplied by VIS Racing, dubbed the GT Bomber Kit. Although some sites might advertise that this kit is available, according to Dom, that isn’t the case.

In Dom’s case, he had to get in contact with VIS Racing to commission a special run for this particular kit. Apparently, they didn’t have any of the moulds and had to recreate the original look from scratch. Now that’s what I call dedication.

If you have any qualms about the quality of Dom’s replica builds, just take a look at his Eclipse remake.

A post shared by Dominic Dubreuil (@dom_dub) on

Needless to say, I’m excited to see this build go down. Like others have commented in his posts, I do hope he throws in the green underglow for that nighttime look.

Now, the only thing better than this build is if two other Civics were being made as well. It doesn’t have to be by Dom by any means. It just that it’d be baller to see three show up at the same time.


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