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Bus driver with one million accident-free miles reveals his secret

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This bus driver has racked up one million miles of accident-free driving. Here's his secret!

 This Ohio bus driver has racked up more than one million miles of accident-free driving and here’s his secret.

You’d think if you drove a transit bus that’s nine feet wide and 45 feet long, you’d get into an accident at least once a week. Not this bus driver. According to Cleaveland.com bus driver Godwin McNeal has racked up more than 1.2 Million miles of driving, that’s 40 years in total, without a single accident being blamed on him. Check out this man’s amazing story below.

It’s not like McNeal’s been driving the same route these past four decades as he’s had his fair share of different routes throughout the years.

And if you thought a regular city bus was big enough, he’s deftly manoeuvred a 63-foot bus on one of his former routes.

To say he’s not had a couple of accidents while working would be a lie because he has, but THOSE accidents were not his fault.

And when asked what his secret was for this streak, he gave some advice that some bus drivers might find useful and might be a hard pill to swallow for the rest of us eager drivers out there.

“You don’t think about it,” says the soft-spoken man. “You just go do it and pray for patience. You got to have patience.”

There’s his secret. It’s patience. 

For us normal drivers, this is a fairly simple guiding concept to keep in mind when on the road but might be a difficult one to follow.

We’re naturally impatient. We might be in the habit of leaving the house too late and just want to get where we need to go as quickly as possible. But that’s oftentimes a recipe for disaster on the road. This often manifests as road rage when confronted with slower drivers.

Remember, one cannot control everything happening but can control their reaction.

So, the next time you’re driving, consider that small inconveniences aren’t worth getting worked up over. In addition, give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going. And when you ARE faced with a possible time to rage on your fellow driver, take a deep breath, think of your loved ones, and take your time.

Drive with patience.

Not only will you more than likely drive accident-free, you’ll end up enjoying your drive.


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