Blackhawk Cars and Coffee is OFFICIALLY DEAD with August’s meet canceled.

It seems to be the unfortunate trend nowadays but it looks like another car meet bit the dust, Blackhawk Cars and Coffee is calling it quits. According to several people on the July meet’s event page, an email was sent out to the museum docents which we’ve posted below announcing the unfortunate news.

Blackhawk Cars and Coffee is cancelled permanently

The above reads,

To All Docents,
To all those who volunteered and helped make Cars & Coffee a success for the last five years, thank you for your participation. These events would not have been possible without you.

We have made the difficult decision to end Cars & Coffee as of now. We love the spirit of the event and the opportunity it has provided for the Museum and its volunteers to interact with the local automotive community, but the event has grown far beyond the reach that we can actively monitor with volunteers and staff The hazards caused by congestion within the Plaza, noise complaints from the surrounding residential area, and concerns of local law enforcement cannot be ignored.

In the coming weeks we are going to establish a forum for docents and volunteers to share their ideas for future Museum events. For now, we have established an email suggestions@blackhawkinuseum org where we can collect these ideas.

Once again, thank you for all your help and we look forward to what the future holds,

Thanks, Jon Snyder

My take, which presumably echoes some of the popular opinions on the matter, is that the show got too popular and large. Held on the first Sunday of every month attracting exotics and high-dollar builds alike, its popularity spread like wildfire.

But like anyone who’s gone to any car show with large amounts of attendees, a few, for the lack of a better term, asshats sneak their way in with their main aim to draw as MUCH attention to themselves as possible. That means revving, burnouts, and high-speed driving in low-speed areas.

That coupled with the amount of traffic happening on a Sunday morning in the normally quiet city of Danville meant that local residents, police, and store owners demanded a kibosh ASAP.

Blackhawk Museum’s hands were tied.

With an overall pleasant relationship with the city that dates back to 1988, they weren’t about to satisfy car meet attendees once a month if it means complaining neighbors.

Weep not for there are still a handful of high-dollar meets if you’re hankering for some good car spotting. Apparently, Cars and Croissants is still a thing on Santana Row and I’m fairly sure if you search on Facebook, SF Cars and Coffee still has something going on.

But the way these meets are dropping like flies, better go to those while you can.



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