Care to entertain that headline you just read and for a moment put a Honda Scooter side-by-side with an Acura NSX? Read on.

Earlier last week Honda announced that they’re making the world’s first mass-produced motorized scooter equipped with a motorcycle hybrid system. With sleek styling and a gas engine aided by a lithium-ion battery, this two-wheeled joyride reminds me of another car from Honda’s portfolio, the NSX!

Gas PCX scooters come in 125cc and 150cc variants with power outputs hovering around 11.7 HP and 13.5 HP respectively.

This new PCX hybrid scooter throws in a 48V lithium-ion battery into the mix that, for four seconds at a time during initial acceleration, provides a boost of about .5 HP. That might not seem like a lot but in something that weighs less than 300 pounds, you’ll feel it.

 By a motor assisting the engine, the PCX HYBRID realizes sharper throttle response and superior performance compared to conventional scooters in the same class*3, while maintaining the PCX engine’s characteristic quietness and feel of quality. Two motor assist modes allow the rider to choose the level of motor assist: “D” mode provides comfortable riding with suitable assist and exceptional fuel economy, and “S” mode provides stronger assist for a sporty ride.

For now, this PCX Hybrid is only for Japan, limited to 2000 scooters but whose to say this won’t be a global product. After all, the T

At roughly $4,000 or $400 more than a bog standard PCX 125, that extra bit of assist and presumably better gas mileage might justify that slight increase in price.

Noteworthy is that Honda has an all-electric PCX in the works. That one has a larger .98KW battery pack that, not only can you charge, but can swap for a fresh one if you’ve got another one charged lying around. That revolutionary battery technology is a big deal but that’s another story altogether.

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Oh, the NSX. This PCX Hybrid hot and sharp styling…like the NSX…and it’s got a gas engine (albeit not turbocharged) aided by lithium-ion batteries…like an NSX.

This is pretty much an NSX on two wheels for just $4,000. Disagree? Sound off in the comments below.


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