These car owners in Japan proved that you can totally cook breakfast for dinner in your car if you’re willing to wait long enough.

Leave it up to the lovely people of Japan to one-up in-car cooking, According to Sora News 24 earlier last weeksummer temps are getting so hot that some Japanese car owners proved that you can cook a full breakfast in your car complete with eggs and ham. Check out the tweets for yourself below.

No joke, it’s so hot in Japan that literally, thousands are in hospitals for dehydration and heat-related illnesses. For those that can handle the heat, they’ve taken a slightly more humorous approach to interacting with the sun’s beaming rays of heat. With temps peaking above 105F sometimes, surfaces can certainly get hot enough to cook food.

As you can see in that first tweet, this dude literally plopped a couple of slices of ham right on top of his roof. Cleanliness of that roof aside, what results is a piece of meat that I’d pair with a side of rice. In most cases, ham is already cooked right from the package so I wouldn’t be too worried about getting sick. I’m not sure how long that actually took but I reckon a couple of hours would be enough.

The next tweet shows someone leaving a whole tray of eggs in his car in the morning and returning to his car later that day to find cooked eggs in its own shell. As mentioned in the original article, he’s assured the concerned that internal temps inside his car are more than enough to cook away any bacteria.

So, if you’ve got some eggs a couple of weeks old or some bologna that’s questionably past its “Best by” date, why not clean your roof and get to cooking in this summer heat.

I’d keep an eye on my sizzling meat as it’s sure to attract the dozens of cats roaming your street.


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