If you’ve considered getting into a Mazda Miata, now’s the time.

With a new Miata on the way, I’ve seen more and more posts on Facebook and LeasHackr with people scoring great deals on new Miatas. Earlier last month Mazda announced that they’re releasing a mid-cycle refresh for the ND Miata with more power under the hood. I suspect Mazda is doing everything they can to get the remaining inventory of Miatas out the door before this new Miata arrives in the Fall.

This Facebook post first piqued my interest that there are Miata deals with big discounts.

$6,000 on the hood with that kind of crazy financing means you’ll get a very low monthly payment over several years. Granted, as mentioned in the post, this is an MX-5 Club that starts at around $29,675 with a $4,470 Brembo/BBS Recaro Package tacked on so it’s no wonder it’s been sitting in their showroom for so long. But with this massive discount, you’re practically getting that added on package for free.

A glance at the current incentives on Miata’s from Mazda at the moment shows that

  • For the 2018 Miata and Miata RF
    • 72-month lease at .9 percent
    • $500 on the hood
    • A $349 lease
  • For the 2017 Miata and Miata RF
    • 72-month lease at .9 percent
    • $2,500 on the hood

Believe it or not, there are several 2017 Miata’s on lots. A quick glance on AutoTrader around my locations shows a handful of 2017’s for sale.

Although that current cash back offer will end soon for both model years listed above, something tells me they’ll either renew that deal or offer an even bigger cash back discount as fall approaches.

The current US Spec Miata sports a 155 HP and 148 lb-ft 2.0L with this new Miata getting 17 percent more power with 181 HP and 151 lb-ft. Although the new Miata gets that power plus a couple of new safety features standard, it gains seven pounds, which is a big deal for the Miata crowd.

So, if you want to get a new ND Miata, spring for the 2017-2018’s on dealer lots because they weigh less and you can negotiate the piss out of them. If they don’t want to budge, remind them that the 2019’s are on the way!


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