These are the first images of what looks like a BMW B58 engine stuffed in the new Toyota Supra.

Although it’s been weeks since the Goodwood Festival of Speed finished, video from the event is still hitting the web. According to and their post on Youtuber NM225’s video, this is what is hiding under the 2019 Toyota Supra’s engine bay. Check out the photos and his video below.

Supra engine

Forum members on Supra MKV identified this engine as a variant of BMW’s B58 engine which it shares several key attributes between the two.

According to Supra MKV member Guff, here are some interesting details he pointed out which I’m quoting verbatim below!

  • “We have the same water-air intercooler system built into the intake manifold as the B58. I’m saying this because of the size of the manifold and the water lines, which are very similar to that of other B58 cars.”
  • “The same engine accessory layout and harness routing.”
  • “The B58s new massive water pump (which is pulley driven not electrical like the old N55).”
  • “The intake has a slightly different resonator and airbox, but same routing.”
  • “The engine is not fully behind the strut towers, so likely not behind the front axle (unless the caster is crazy.)”
  • “The motor doesn’t seem to be placed extremely low in the engine bay, although the hood line is fairly low, but it begs the question “How does this car have a lower CoG than an 86!?”
  • “Can’t see the block so can’t see the material type.”
  • “Judging from the layout this also means that we have BMWs rear facing Valvetronic system, but that’s a guess as I can’t actually see it.”
  • “Very B58 right now though, which is slightly disconcerting! I’d expect more differences in the head, but granted the majority of the head is covered up. “

It’s already been confirmed that an inline-6 turbo and an entry-level four-cylinder turbo will be the main engine choices but speculation on what engines exactly were still up in the air.

As internal documents from BMW thanks to Road and Track point out, 

 The lower-powered version uses the BMW B48B20 turbocharged four-cylinder engine displacing two liters and producing 262 horsepower, while the high-power version will use the single-turbo inline-six B58B30 BMW engine and will produce 335 horsepower, according to the document.

As per R&T, although the new BMW Z4 will share engines with each other, the BMW might get a higher powered variant of that BMW B58 tune of 375 HP. Only fair seeing it’s their engine to begin with.

Paired with these engines, the Supra gets a dual-clutch and no manual. You’ll have to go over to the BMW Z4 for a manual option.

Now, I’m curious to see what the engine bay of that four-cylinder turbo looks like.

We’ll find out soon enough as its rumored the final production reveal will be at the 2018 Paris Motor Show in October with the Supra/Z4 twins going on sale in early 2019. But expect to see the BMW Z4 first.

And now that we have some kind of visual confirmation of what the inline-six is, I can only imagine potential owners A90 owners are already scouring the forums and Facebook groups for ways to take their Supras beyond 335 HP, as is tradition.


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