If you shoot at police, you’re going to have a bad time.

Desperation, not actually caring for one’s own life and the life of others, and now you’ve shot at police officers, anyone who has to resort to violence and shooting at local authorities in an attempt to escape is just asking for lethal force. As per Channel 8 News out of Grand Rapids Michigan earlier this week (Sept. 28,2018), a murder suspect exchanged gunfire with Michigan state police as he ran from police when a high-speed chase was out of the cards. To end the mayhem as quickly as possible, one brave police officer straightened his steering wheel and aimed the hood of his Ford Explorer Police cruiser right at the suspect as he ran into him at speed. Check out that amazing bit of footage below. Additionally, a longer video with a news report can be found here. 

This mayhem all stems from a report received by police that a homicide took place earlier in the day with a fatality involving a woman named Tia Randall, a girlfriend to the suspect and more importantly, a mother to two daughters.  When a call over the loudspeakers by a patrol car at the scene of the crime failed to bring out suspect Adam Nolin, that’s when the search for him began including issuing a BOLO with his description and known vehicle.

When his truck was spotted careening down US-131 at a high-rate of speed and the driver matching the Nolin’s description behind the wheel, only then did things get ugly. Shortly after his truck crashed did he start exchanging fire with Michigan State Police. As mentioned, to stop the deadly threat from getting out of hand, he was rammed by a police cruiser, effectively ending the chase.

Michigan State police are investigating the incident as is procedure anytime deadly force is used.

This footage wouldn’t have been available if it wasn’t for the scene of the truck crash and shootout which is in eyeshot of a local building that overlooks the US-131.

It must’ve been terrifying to see this chase play out right before their eyes and then to see how it ends.

Hopefully, Michigan police recognize the bravery of that police officer who made a decisive move, ramming Nolin when he had the chance.


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