How this U-Haul rental company allowed this towing miscreant on city roads is beyond me, but, here we are.

I didn’t even know triple towing was a thing and perhaps I’ve seen it before but my mind just pushed it to the back-burner, it’s such a mundane thing to see. But, as per the CHP on their Facebook post earlier this week (Oct. 2, 2018) they caught this triple tow fail that will make your hairs stand on end. This U-Haul box truck is towing an SUV on a car trailer and, attached to that SUV is another trailer. That’s not even the worst part. Check out their post below.

As you can see in the photo as per CHP,

he only thing holding the SUV to the car trailer (pictured) were straps on the front tires. The driver was also not licensed in the proper class to tow in this combination.

The most amazing thing is, this guy got across several states, driving hundreds of miles in this configuration before he got caught and ordered to stop driving.

Triple towing is definitely a thing. You’ve probably seen an RV towing around a car, that’s pretty standard fare. However, it’s not uncommon to strap a fifth wheel trailer to the back of a larger trailer that’s subsequently attached to a large truck for towing duties. A quick search on google will show you this configuration done right. 

Beyond that, if you don’t have the proper endorsement on your license, as is the case in California and Michigan, towing anything over 10,000 pounds and more than 40 feet in length can put you in trouble with the law, never mind that you’ve got everything strapped down correctly.

Thankfully, as mentioned in the post, this guy was only going 30 MPH, probably because that’s all that box truck could muster. God forbid this guy was going any faster.

Although the CHP didn’t say, this triple tow fail was hit with fines and penalties as prescribed by the courts.

Source: CHP


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