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Ironic moment CHP pulls over the Ticket Dismissers Aston Martin Vantage

Police were just doing their job but at this point giving these guys a ticket is purely symbolic. Woodland Hills based law firm Ticket...
CHP helicopter trailers

Watch CHP land their helicopter between semi-trailers to assist in an arrest

California police really landed their CHP helicopter smack dab in-between Amazon delivery trailers to assist in a takedown and arrest. Yesterday (Mar. 26. 2019) CHP's...
socal police car meet

What to do if police show up at your car meet, you have mods,...

This is probably some really good advice to follow if you're at a car meet and police decide to block everyone in. There's been news...
socal police car meet

SoCal Police go on a car meet rampage, surround and stop 80 cars, 56...

Gone too far? SoCal police in Irvine partnered together to invade a car meet that resulted in dozens of tickets, many ordered to show...
Type R exhaust spoon

How much are tickets for modified exhausts in California?

If you've got a modified exhaust in California in 2019, I've got some bad news for you if you're trying to avoid a ticket. Before,...
license plate chicken wings

Clucked up: Bay Area driver used chicken wings label to cover plates, gets caught

This Bay Area driver thought he'd be real slick if he put a Safeway Deli sticker on his license plate to fool the toll...
CHP BMW Helicopter canal

BMW underestimates the power of a shallow canal as a CHP helicopter gives “chase”

This BMW would've gotten away if it wasn't for a shallow canal with a bit of mossy water that stopped his escape. Stolen, evading arrest, or...
triple tow fail

CHP managed to catch, and shame this triple-tow fail for the internet to enjoy

How this U-Haul rental company allowed this towing miscreant on city roads is beyond me, but, here we are. I didn't even know triple towing...
Damon Fryer Lambo

CHP puts Daily Driven Exotic’s Lamborghini on blast, posts him pulled over on Facebook

If you're going to speed in and out of traffic in the middle of the day in an exotic, be sure you don't stick...
CHP Sideshow

This is how CHP Helicopters catch and impound sideshow cars

If you're wondering how CHP helicopters go about catching sideshows in the act, these images should probably make that painfully obvious. According to CHP -...
CHP modified car

Why are California Police ticketing and impounding modified cars?

California police along with CHP are cracking down on modified cars this summer in a big way. Here's why. With warmer temps on the way,...

CHP out in full force for the next 9 days to catch DUI offenders

CHP will be out in full force for the remainder of January solely to catch drunk drivers. If you regularly are in the habit of...
CHP chicken

Enjoy 20 seconds of California police chasing chickens on a freeway

Someone managed to lose more than a dozen live chickens on a California freeway so CHP came in to deal with it. If you're missing...
CHP Stockton

These Two CHP Officers In A Dance Off Is Community Policing Done Right

Two CHP Officers taking part in a "Every 15 minutes" presentation added a touch of mirth and cheer to an otherwise serious presentation. If you...
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