This BMW would’ve gotten away if it wasn’t for a shallow canal with a bit of mossy water that stopped his escape.

Stolen, evading arrest, or just board, who knows why this grey BMW sedan decided to drive away from the CHP at a high-rate of speed earlier today but they did anyway. As per CHP’s Golden Gate Division in an official Facebook post they put out earlier today (Nov. 7, 2018) they shared footage from their helicopter cam showing the embarrassing moment for this BMW owner when their attempt to escape was cut short by a shallow canal.

Check out the video below.

Although we don’t have an official reason why this BMW driver decided to shake the police, they did mention there were paper plates on this BMW so perhaps he’d been “driving dirty” for quite some time and his luck ran out. Driving on the shoulder of 880 North, the BMW used this emergency lane to avoid traffic.

Officer Walters observed the BMW attempt to re-enter northbound I-880. In doing so, the driver of the BMW lost control of the the vehicle, drove up and over the embankment into a body of water. Officer Walters observed this and drove to where the BMW left the roadway.

What’s equally as amazing is that this driver then attempted to escape on foot despite a dirty bird circling above him. I suppose if you’ve got nothing to lose, you’ll try anything to escape.

The pursuing motorcycle cop who was following this BMW before he decided to take a drink in the water quickly jumped into the canal to give chase whereas, at that time, the BMW driver surrendered to approaching police.

Thankfully the situation played out the way it did as some innocent drivers would’ve seriously been hurt if he reentered traffic and paid as much attention as he did before he drove into the canal.

If you’re in the market for a flooded BMW or need, what looks like 5-series parts in the Bay Area and don’t mind some perp being the previous custodian of said parts, hit up Oakland CHP for details on where this BMW will end up, soon.

Source: CHP Golden Gate Division


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