You can’t just drop a bold claim that your interior has certain design elements inspired by Star Wars and not expect the internet to investigate.

Geely, that Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing company most known for in the United States for buying Volvo, is on the cusp of releasing its first small crossover to the world named the Bin Yue. As per the press release and thanks to our friends over at Car Scoops earlier this week (Nov. 7, 2018) Geely made this bold claim that the interior was inspired by the hit and ongoing American Sci-Fi space cowboy saga we know and love as Star Wars.


Should we expect to feel like we’re sitting in a tie-fighter or the millenium Falcon when I sit inside the Bin Yue? Let’s investigate.

Here’s what the interior of the 2019 Bin Yue crossover looks like.

Bin Yue
Bin Yue Interior

Here’s what Geely had to say on the matter.

The matte metal brushed strips are used in large areas of the interior panels. Many parts have also been inspired by sci-fi elements such as supersonic fighters and Star Wars such as the air conditioner which looks like jet engine outlets.

OK, it’s a bit of a stretch for us to say that this interior was going to be straight out of Star Wars but you have to admit it’s a rather weird and an unusual reference. Why not Star Trek, Babylon 5 or something.

The driver and passenger side vents on either side do sort of look like Jet Engine exhaust outlets so they’re not lying there. The brushed aluminum is a nice touch and honestly adds a bit of style and sophistication but it reminds me more of a 1950’s stainless steel kitchen more than anything in the Sci-Fi canon.

The center instrument panel, now that does look like something straight out of a fighter pilot’s heads-up display with the RPM and speedometer digitally displayed in a similar manner.

I am rather found of the center shifter console which is perched on a floating platform, really trick in its presentation. The buttons below the shifter that control certain driving modes and parking aids does look like something you’d find in a fighter jet, but necessarily not out of Star Wars.

The Bin Yue’s interior is rather nice but I’m going to have to say no on the whole Star Wars inspiration.

Source: Geely


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