Livewire marks the first electric-bike from Harley-Davidson that will hopefully stem the tide that is a used market and an aging baby boomer.

Harley-Davidson has a problem. According to Fortune in a report they put out earlier last month, their used hogs are crowding out some of their newer products 3 to 1. Not only that, their targeted demographic, baby boomers, are now getting too old to ride so a younger rider must be advertised to. Enter the Livewire. As per Harley-Davidson in a press release they put out earlier today (Nov. 6,2018) their all-electric Livewire made its European début and although they didn’t provide any power and pricing, we have a good idea what to expect based on stats from their prototype.

In 2014, Harley-Davidson smartly toured around the country in their LiveWire prototype to gauge interest from prospective buyers and current fans of the brand. Livewire was a game changer. First, off, it was electric and sounded like nothing HD fans are used too. Second, it wasn’t a boulevard cruiser as it was tuned for an urban riding experience. Today’s press release further confirms that.

This chassis is tuned to deliver nimble, agile handling on urban streets and curving back roads. Livewire will find its home on the streets of L.A. and in the surrounding canyon hills. Standard is a fully adjustable Showa suspension with a mono-shock rear suspension and a Separate Function Fork-Big Piston up front.

Stopping is taken cared of by 300-mm diameter discs and Brembo Monoblocks up front. Standard is Anti-lock brakes and traction control. Michelin Scorchers are found on both tires.

Powering the LiveWire is a Rechargeable Energy Storage System composed of lithium-ion batteries with a smaller 12-volt powering accessories. A Level 1 charger comes standard, a plug you can literally plug in like your smartphone, with a Level 2, 3 or DC Fast charging as optional.

Like most HD’s the crown jewel of this Harley is the power unit, be it an engine or motor, and such is the case with this bike.

As per Autoblog, the range will come in at around 100 miles, more than enough for daily duties and a weekend ride. Power estimates peg the Livewire to have 74 HP and 52 lb-ft with a 92 MPH top speed. In something that weighs around 800 pounds, that’s more than enough power.

Pre-orders start early next year with production following shortly after.

Source: Harley-Davidson


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