Police were just doing their job but at this point giving these guys a ticket is purely symbolic.

Woodland Hills based law firm Ticket Dismissers shared the unfortunate, but sort of hilarious moment, on their Instagram stories earlier yesterday (July 26,2020) of their Aston Martin Vantage being pulled over and written up by local Malibu, California police and CHP in front of Malibu Kitchen.

Malibu Kitchen is a favorite (and soon to be burned out car hang) location for car enthusiasts to meet up for weekend rallies and cars and coffee events.

As an aside, it’s also where heavy swingers in the car community, Spike Feresten, Jerry Seinfeld, and Matt Farah like to meet up for informal podcast recordings.

Check out a couple of the Instagram stories and photos of the ironic moment below.

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In the photos and videos we can see Ticket Dismissers Aston Martin Vantage in its iconic white and black wrap job, meant to evoke the obvious, parked at an angle in front of Malibu Kitchen. The driver and ticketing police officers are conversing, sorting out the details of their ticket. Apparently, it was serious enough to warrant a back-up police interceptor.

Although it’s not clear why their Aston Martin was pulled over, my best guess is for driving too fast on the Pacific Coast Highway A.K.A. Highway 1, within CHP’s jurisdiction. With most rallies and meetups starting early in the morning, there was probably little to no traffic at this hour. With over 430 HP on tap and with 45 MPH speed limits on some areas of the PCH, 45 MPH is a snail’s pace for these British exotics.

That CHP officer must’ve felt a rush of adrenaline, pulling over the company car of a law firm whose sole purpose is to defend drivers they themselves have ticketed.

And to Ticket Dismissers, with their claimed 94 percent success rate, this was but a minor inconvenience before the day’s exotic rally drive.

I’m keen to find out the specifics of their ticket and will update you all if I come across any updates.


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