This Bay Area driver thought he’d be real slick if he put a Safeway Deli sticker on his license plate to fool the toll system but police spotted his tomfoolery a mile away.

This Bay Area driver legit used a label for a pound of Chicken Teriyaki Honey wings to cover up part of his license plate so he could drive through the Richmond Toll Plaza without paying. According to CHP Marin in a Facebook post they put up earlier today (Dec. 16, 2018) police caught this toll skipper’s attempt at fooling Fastrak cameras and posted up the evidence online for everyone to see.

It really is low-key unbelievable that he thought he could get away with this. Check out the worst attempt at skipping on the toll below.

As the description above the photos explains, police caught this Mustang driving on the S-101 close to the San Mateo-San Rafael Bridge. Drivers wanting to cross the Bay between Richmond and San Rafael can either drive all the way up to Vallejo and across down to San Rafael to avoid the toll but, given how long that’ll take and the time wasted, taking the Bridge is always the more economical option. At $5 each time, it can add up if you’re literally living paycheck to paycheck. Still, everyone has to pay the toll no matter what you make and this guy really had the harebrained idea that he’d trick the camera system.

Police who patrol this particular area are well aware of all the tricks people do to avoid paying that bridge toll, most notably keeping on dealer paper plates as the Fastrak system relies on seeing your license plates.

So, when Marin area CHP came across this Ford Mustang, they couldn’t believe just how brazen this Mustang driver was, putting a deli sticker on their plate.

The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license, had his car impounded, and probably has to pay a fine for dodging the toll and the $5 anyways. What a headache!

If you’re even thinking of hiding your plates from the cameras, it’s not even worth it. Just suck it up like the rest of the Bay Area and pay the toll, people.

Source: CHP Marin


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