Video of this Fresno police officer simply doing her duty has car guys on social media going bananas, some of them wanting to “get cuffed!?”

You’d think that these car guys in Fresno would be upset when police roll through their car meets but not when this officer of the law rolls through. As per local Fresno Instagram account @RiskStreetShows and a bit of edited footage they posted up earlier this week (Dec. 20, 2018) a particular lady of the law caught everyone’s attention after she made an appearance on a sideshow video.

In more or less words, everyone was asking, “Who is that!?” With several clips presumably filmed throughout that day @RiskStreetShows absolutely delivered and cooked up for the internet an edit for the ages. Check it out below.


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The video got so popular someone even made a spinoff with Little Wayne’s “Officer” because of course someone would. With lyrics like,

“Doin’ a buck in the latest drop
I got stopped by a lady cop
Ha ha, she got me thinking I can date a cop…”

…it was inevitable that someone would drop THAT edit.

In all seriousness though, there’s probably a very good reason Fresno police hired her. Studies show time and time again that women, in general, are better at diffusing situations better than their male counterparts.

According to statistics pulled from various Los Angeles Police Department units, “male officers are over eight and a half times more likely than their female counterparts to have an allegation of excessive force sustained against them.” With stats like this, you’d think that there’d be more women police officers yet they only make up a fraction of the police force.

Sideshows are a growing issue across California, not just in Fresno or the Bay Area. In the video, I can only guess that her police car is recording all the license plates of cars in attendance and marking anything as noteworthy to her superiors. In other words, just doing her job.

I blogged about how some SoCal police departments are using Compstat to gather data to fight sideshows and perhaps those policing techniques are trickling down across departments.

If it takes a woman’s touch to diffuse sideshows, more power to her and the Fresno PD.

Looking through the comments, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to have to do much work. Here are some of my favorites.

  • “I have a warrant for unpaid tickets come get me. Not putting up a fight either”
  • That’s it I switch sides I’m signing up for cadet school right mother f***ing now sorry fellas but if she on my team I’m ded 🐀
  • ” I’m trying to get pulled over”
  • “bruuhhhh i think ima try and get arrested this weekend lmao”

Do whatever you want, car guys. Just now she’s watching your every move. But it sounds like you guys don’t mind.

And lowkey, if you want her @, I’m not posting it here but it looks like someone already found it in the comments in one of those videos.

Source: @RiskStreetSideshows


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