Someone managed to lose more than a dozen live chickens on a California freeway so CHP came in to deal with it.

If you’re missing a bunch of chickens while you were driving on this California freeway, you can go ahead and give a call to the local Santa Fe Springs CHP and they’ll reunite you with your lost fowl. According to CHP Santa Fe Springs on a Twitter video they shared earlier yesterday (Jan 2, 2018) it looks like local law enforcement had the time of their lives wrangling more than a dozen birds into the back of a CHP cruiser. Check out the hilarious twitter video for yourself below and go ahead and share this once-in-a-lifetime story with all your friends while you’re at it!

In the video, you can see one police officer literally running around the side of the freeway as he catches a bird with both hands. In the background, you can hear one of the chickens letting out a low cluck out of confusion. And because the CHP isn’t exactly equipped to handle chickens, laying them on the floor of a Ford Explorer CHP cruiser is the best solution. Can you imagine the smell that officer had to endure on his way back to the station?

Details are still pretty scarce on the details of this particular case but it looks like a poultry farmer happened to lose a couple of chickens from his truck. In a report by ABC 7 news and the details they learned from CHP,

“We have no trucks that stopped and no cages found on the roadway,” said CHP Officer Jeremy Tolen. “So we’re not exactly sure how they came to be on the roadway.”

And pour one it for these chickens as two of the birds darted out into the busy traffic and lost their lives before they could be retrieved.

As per CHP, these chickens have been moved to the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority where the owner has until Jan 6 to pick them up. After that, any competent chicken farmer or animal lover (qualified person) who wants to adopt them and more importantly, has an area zoned for chickens, can.


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