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This is definitive proof that Honda underrated the new Accord 2.0T from the factory

Accord Dyno
The 2018 Honda Accord on Hondata's Dynapacks

I had an inkling Honda was underrating their engines from the factory but it looks Hondas turbo engines, at least in the Accord, are more powerful than they’re leading us on to believe.

No one likes to find out that the car that they own actually makes less power than advertised, just ask some Hyundai owners. But to find out that you’re getting more power than what’s on the window sticker is always a pleasant surprise. According to Hondata in their latest round of dyno testing they dropped earlier last month (Dec. 22, 2017) their baseline Accord 2.0T run reveals definitive proof that Honda is underrating their turbo engines from the factory. Check out the dyno run below for yourself where you can draw your own conclusion!

Honda says that the more powerful engine for the 2018 Honda Accord, the 2.0T, makes a generous 252 HP and 273 lb-ft, less HP than its V6 predecessor but more lb-ft for that “off the line oomph.” But when they strapped their test 2.0T 6-speed manual to their dynapack dyno, they found out that the 2.0T makes 265 HP (at the hubs) at 5,800 RPM and a peak torque of 300 lb-ft at 3,200 RPM. Honda’s engines are rated at the crank so that means Honda is packing a bit more HP and lb-ft than they’ve led us to believe. And keep in mind Hondata used regular old 87 octane

A cursory glance at the graph does reveal some interesting observations. For one, Although torque peaks pretty early and stays there for the first 3,500 RPM, torque drops off sharply after that. This does make sense for the average Accord buyer who’ll expect good push from the get-go and not so much on the top end where they’re rarely spending most of their time. This is most likely a result of turbo sizing.

Although many people like to compare the 2.0T in the Accord as similar to the Civic Type R engine, their dyno graphs say otherwise. Compare the torque curves from the Type R to the Accord and you can see that torque peaks for the Type R around 4,000 RPM and for the most part, stays there.

From the factory, the new Accord engine is stout and plenty powerful. The fact that aftermarket tuners are already getting their customers ready for one of their flash tunes is always good to see.

For presumably less than $500, a flash tune from these guys will surely net owners power figures that’ll make these Accords real sleepers on the road.


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