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World’s dumbest Nissan GT-R owner used bald tires on an icy road

This Nissan GT-R owner might be the dumbest of them all after he drove his supercar on ice with bald tires

This Nissan GT-R owner is probably the dumbest GT-R owner in history after he decided to drive his six-figure supercar on bald tires in icy road conditions.

Nissan’s engineers spent years and several generations perfecting the Nissan GT-R to where it is today. But that doesn’t idiot proof the car from owners with absolutely zero sense. According to a video I came across on Instagram courtesy of “Car Videos” earlier this week (Dec. 23, 2017) this Nissan GT-R owner driving at a ski resort somewhere in Oregon found out the hard way that, at the bare minimum, you have to keep up on basic tire maintenance. Watch what happens when he tries to negotiate an icy parking lot at low speeds below.

What happens in the video isn’t entirely clear and the owners of the video who submitted it to Car Videos to go viral has made their profiles private so I can’t dig around for a better story.

But, according to some commenters in the video, it looks like this Nissan GT-R owner decided to drive his GT-R up to Vale, a popular ski location in Oregon, on tires that had no tread. Yup, his tires were completely bald.

Prior to the start of this video, it looks like this GT-R owner got into an accident with a Jeep, thus the damage you notice around the rear taillight and quarter panel. Reportedly, the Jeep suffered minimal damage (nary a scratch) while the GT-R got “thoroughly rekt.”

After he crashed in the parking lot, without any traction, you can see the GT-R sliding helplessly until it ran out of kinetic energy and stops.

I can go on about the presumed Girlfriend, but that has nothing to do with this bonehead owner.

Even on regular all seasons with some grip, the GT-R should still be able to handle a bit of slippery ice. Nissan’s engineers made sure that the GT-R is a world-class supercar and could handle anything you throw at it. Just check out this awesome snow montage below.

Not to mention this GT-R is using Nissan’s awesome ATTESSA four-wheel drive system which has the ability to send a set percentage of the engine’s torque to any one wheel to get out of sticky situations.

But, without any grip, this supercar is useless, as illustrated in the Instagram post above.

Now, the owner will not only have to shell out money for new tires, he’ll have to deal with thousands in bodywork.

Rotate, keep up with pressures, and monitor your tires folks.


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