Two CHP Officers taking part in a “Every 15 minutes” presentation added a touch of mirth and cheer to an otherwise serious presentation.

If you ever attended high school in the past 22 years you’ve probably had the privilege of experiencing the “Every 15 minutes” two day presentation on the seriousness of drunk driving. Although the presentation is supposed to be downright serious, it doesn’t mean it has to be all doom and gloom like these two CHP officers demonstrated. According to the Stockton CHP earlier last week (Mar. 17,2017) all it took was getting two former graveyard shift buddies to reunite on the gym floor and a bit of music for them to strut their stuff. Check out the memorable performance below and relive the video that has over 100 thousand views to date.

The setting of the dance can be a tad confusing without a little context. The whole premise of the program is that on average literally every 15 minutes someone dies in an alcohol related car crash. This part of the program illustrated above shows an actual funeral event for someone who “died.” It looks like the program has been updates with relevant music,  in this case Bruno Mars and Uptown Funk, with the lyrics changed appropriately to avoid copyright infringement. Someone at this high school called an audible and let these two CHP officers take the floor and perform their now infamous  dance routine. 

You’ll be glad to know that at least one participant who attended that particular event commented that their dance didn’t take away from the event but added to the memorability of it all.

The guy sung two songs for us to remember to take the keys away and not drink and drive. That day will always be remembered with laugher and sadness.

We’re pretty sure that when these two CHP officers signed up for their jobs years ago and you told them that a part of their “other duties as assigned” clause in their contracts would’ve included a bit of dancing they wouldn’t have believed it. Police often don’t get credit for the extra work they do in their communities apart from “catching the baddies.” Thankfully this bit of community policing done right was caught on camera.


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