Pandem Rocket Bunny by TRA Kyoto took to Facebook to drop some renderings of their official aero kit for the Honda S2000.

If you want to learn how to basically print money in the United States when it comes to aero parts from Japan look no further than to the genius hands at Pandem. Pandem took to Facebook earlier today (Mar. 21,2017) to drop renderings of the what their new Pandem aero kit for the Honda S2000 will look like. With a reworked aggressive front end, artfully crafted side skirts/fenders to accommodate the extra tire width and rear spoiler/spat treatments reminiscent of Pandem designs before, this will be a sought after aero kit in the Honda community. Check out some of the official renderings below!

The rear of the Pandem aero kit.

Kei Miura, the brains and brawn behind TRA Kyoto design, is known for his classic wide body looks that harken back to the 1960’s and 70’s and the racing scene in Japan. In a definite case of looks over function, Kei’s designs are visually appealing above all else.

For the longest time Rocket Bunny by Pandem Aero kits have usually only been associated with RWD builds as those where the platforms that TRA Kyoto chose as his canvases. But with the popularity of his aero kits and demand for that riveted wide body look growing in popularity in the United States, we saw kits popping up on all sorts of platforms, including Hondas.


The front of the Pandem aero kit. Notice how they expect you to turbocharge that F20C.

Earlier in 2015 Honda finally got the TRA Kyoto touch with Pandem releasing a Rocket Bunny kit for the Acura NSX. Just last year the 1992-1995 Honda Civic Hatchback also got the Rocket Bunny touch. And now Honda fans will only have to wait till April to get their hands on this kit for the S2000.

As is the case for all of Pandem’s Aero Kits, pricing on the Pandem S2000 Aero kit will be priced according to the popularity of the platform. A quick glance at current prices and you can guess just how much this aero kit will cost. Your Civic hatch kit costs $3 thousand while an NSX kit costs $20 thousand. We can assume this Pandem S2000 aero kit will land somewhere between $5-6 thousand.

We love the look of this particular style of aero kit and it adds a touch of aggressiveness to an already legendary chassis. Since it’ll cost an arm and a leg to own an authentic kit, there probably won’t be many kits on the streets anytime soon. So if you spot one, you’d better snap a shot of it.

And as far as D1 drifters in Japan is concerned, Max Orido himself is seriously considering using one for his 2017 season.


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