A Toyota Supra decided to do a pull and street race on a Texas Highway during TX2K17 weekend and miraculously got away with it.

If you get caught street racing in Texas consider yourself royally you know what. At a minimum you’re looking at a class B misdemeanor, possibly jail time and/or fines up to $2,000 and you’re definitely getting your car impounded and license suspended. According to Youtuber Cleetus McFarland of 1320 racing earlier today (Mar. 21,2017) it looks like his street racing Toyota Supra buddy might’ve got the break of the century. Read on to find out what happened or watch the two video in succession below.

Here’s the long story short. Racing is very popular in Texas but you definitely don’t want to get caught. TX2K17 is the Superbowl of racing for the four or so days that the event is going on so you’d better believe it that people will street race. The police know this fact too.

Cleetus McFarland and his buddy in a Toyota Supra were on their way to TX2K17 when his buddy decides to race a superbike in the other lane. Not just five minutes before this race Cleetus already spotted a Nissan GT-R being pulled over. His buddy in the Supra and the superbike pull away and race anyways. Unbeknownst to them, a Sherriff who was watching in his unmarked Ford F-250 outfitted with the reds and blues lights up the highway with his emergency lights, it was pretty much game over for the Supra. All of a sudden the Sherriff’s F-250 pulls off and lets the Supra go without a reason. Cleetus and his buddy were dumbfounded as to why the Sherriff let him go…until today.

In the second video, Cleetus explains that he got a text from a mutual friend whose friend’s with someone who knows that exact same Sheriff who let his buddy’s Supra go. According to his buddy that Sherriff was totally planning to pull him over and give him the proverbial “third degree.” The text reads,

“Hey Buddy! So one of my friends who is a cop was talking about your video with the Supra almost getting pulled over. He said the cop in the truck was one of his friends and the guy was dead set on pulling the Supra over and arresting him. Right at that moment, he got another call about a different officer just up the road in a fight with someone asking for backup. Pretty small world and figured you’d find it interesting!”

So there you have it. It was all just a bit of dumb luck that saved that Supra from being impounded and the owner having to go through a world of pain. You’d better believe he’ll definitely won’t street race anytime soon.


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