In Honda’s latest ad for the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback in Thailand, they’ve got their crosshairs aimed straight for the 2017 V.W. Scirocco.

Remember the V.W. Scirocco? Of course, you do. It’s that V.W. Golf alternative that looked at least 50 percent sexier and had the power to back it up. Although it’s not sold in the United States anymore the Scirocco name soldiers on elsewhere and according to Honda in it’s latest ad they dropped earlier yesterday (Mar. 21,2017) Honda has it’s 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback aimed squarely on the rear of 2017 V.W. Scirocco. Check out the ad from Honda Thailand linked below.

In this 45-second spy thriller we can see our hero car, the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback, drive off from an undisclosed location with a V.W. Scirocco on its tail. Throughout the whole ad, the Civic tries to shake the Scirocco but no luck there.  Finally, before the Civic can hit VTEC and drive off an oncoming train stops both from going on.  We’ll have to wait for our Thai translator to come back from vacation but the narrators next words would probably give some resolution to the bizarre ending.

So is the new 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback a real competitor to the V.W. Scirocco? On paper between the Civic and base Scirocco…maybe. The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback in Thailand sports Honda’s turbocharged 1.5 T boasting 170 HP and 162 lb-ft paired to a CVT. Curb weight is about 2,900 pounds depending on options. Unfortunately, Thailand doesn’t get the American market six-speed. A blast to 60 MPH puts it somewhere in the 7.8-8.3 second range depending on whose testing it.

The V.W. Scirocco, on the other hand, has three engines to choose from in Thailand, a 2.0 TDI and a Turbocharged 1.4 L and 2.0 L. Curb weight comes in at a similar 2,800 pounds depending on engine size and options. If you go for the 1.4 TSI, 0-60 MPH comes in at about 8.0 seconds so yes, at least in a straight line the Civic might have the advantage. Opt for the 2.0 TSI and the Scirocco will out corner and out punch that Civic on the straights.

Style-wise we’re going to have to give it to Scirocco for now. The Civic hatch may be the new kid on the block but Scirocco’s handsome front end paired to svelte rear haunches making for an altogether attractive package is timeless.

Honda Civic has always been the underdog when compared to other hot-hatches and this latest ad definitely doesn’t go against that. Perhaps the Civic has come of age where it can now go toe-to-toe with those other hatches in its weight class without breaking a sweat.


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