Volkswagen just dropped their latest “Luv Bug” ad featuring the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas and it’s everything we expect from a V.W. ad and then some.

If there’s one thing you can expect from V.W. it’s that they’ll drop a masterclass on how to do advertising right when it comes to their commercials. According to Volkswagen USA’s latest commercial they dropped earlier today (Mar.20,2017) it looks like their new 2018 V.W. Atlas is up to the task for full size families. With a mix of racy humor, just the right kind of music, and a touch of V.W. panache, hopefully this Atlas is the stepping stone to regaining trust among its most loyal members, longtime owners. Check out that ad below!

The video starts out with your bog standard V.W. Beetle perched atop your the typical “make-out hill.” Steamy windows and Dean Martin’s “Birds and Bees” song emanating in the background give no question as to what the occupants inside are doing. Nine months later and with baby in tow they head to the dealership and move up to a V.W. Jetta and the whole rigmarole repeats itself in-front of a lake. Cut to the dealership again with another kid but this time they swap keys for a V.W. Tiguan. The Tiguan can seat five in comfort. You can see where this is going. The next time around there’s one more kid and a dog making the family count six. The Tiguan is just too small but thankfully V.W.’s got their back with the all new 2018 V.W. Atlas with three rows and seating for seven, a V.W. first in America, everyone fits just fine.

In 60 seconds V.W. yet again lays out at least two points they want us to take away. First, it’s that now they’ve got a V.W. for every stage of your life from brand new couple, to starter family all the way up to full-size family. And finally it’s that this new Atlas is for you middle class America. This particular family in the video isn’t exactly outfitted in the most expensive clothing nor do they give off the air of a life of luxury. Wrap it all up in a bit of humor and you’ve got yourself a quintessential V.W. ad befitting of their history as far as marketing is concerned.


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