Toyota has partnered up with a couple of famous YouTubers to not only promote their brand but give out free Boba drinks at select California stores. March 17-28 only!

Imagine my surprise when an old college friend posted up a photo of himself proudly sipping on some delicious Boba drink he got for free just because he drives a Toyota. Never have I been more jealous at Toyota owners then at that moment. According to WaCowSF earlier this weekend (Mar. 18,2017) Toyota has partnered with the Fung Brothers and Wong Fu Entertainment to not only host some meet and greets but give out free drinks at select stores from Mar. 17-28. Click here for Northern California and here for Southern California for details and check out the tweet below.

In order take advantage of this offer all you have to do is to take a photo of yourself in the store and post it on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media with the #Toyotalove hashtag and show it to the cashier along with your Toyota keys. I’m not sure how it works if you drive a Lexus but we think they should let it slide.

If the Instagram posts recently posted up with the #ToyotaLove are to be believed these are real deal full-size Boba drinks we’re talking about, none of that sample size business you might come to expect from free promotions. Just check out some of those delicious free drinks below!

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My free drinks! #saradrinkstea #gongcha #thanks #toyotalove

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Color us impressed Toyota because this is the type of marketing we love to see here at Tire Meets Road. We can only assume Toyota is footing the bill for the drinks and in return they’re gaining the loyalty of their owners. It’s a wonderful technique to not only reach an individual customer for just a couple of dollars but have them in return post about it on social media where they advertise their love for the car brand to their followers. Furthermore by partnering with Wong Fu Productions and the Fung Bros. Toyota is strategically targeting a demographic a younger Asian and potential future Toyota buyer.

It’s no mystery that Toyota’s are pretty much bulletproof and a good number of younger Asians will inherit their parent’s Toyotas. In order to associate youth and fun with a new generation of Asians, marketing techniques like this is what’s to be expected to reach a millennial audience not watching traditional commercials like everyone else.


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