Joey Salads proves yet again he doesn’t know what a prank is thanks to Exotic car “prank” video.

Youtuber Joey Salads, most famous for angering all sorts of communities thanks to his controversial “social experiments,” has officially alienated himself from the car community at large and we submit his latest video as proof. Earlier today (March 20,2017) Joey Salads hit publish and let loose his prank video showing him attending a car show somewhere in California and subsequently pushing the buttons of at least one car show participant by being a grade A buffoon. Check out the offending video below!

The first encounter shown is obviously a fake setup where Joey Salads casually inserts some garbage into the individual throttle bodies of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The grinning looks from his friends and the conveniently placed security staff were dead giveaways. However his other two “pranks” do seem to be genuine. In the next incident, Salads pulls out the dipstick from a Subaru WRX with the owner immediately rushing over. The technically harmless consequences of a pulled dipstick does lead us to believe that this one is real, but still unacceptable. And finally Salads enjoys a snack on the carbon fiber spoiler of a Toyota Supra leading to one peeved owner. Salads revealing himself as a “prankster” to the owner at the end does make us feel like this wasn’t staged, unlike the first scene.

First of all, these aren’t really pranks as the true nature of the word is officially laid out. Pranks are, according to Wikipedia, are practical jokes. Practical jokes are, “generally lighthearted and without lasting impact; their purpose is to make the victim feel humbled or foolish, but not victimized or humiliated.” In each of those three encounters in his video none of those incidents could be categorized as lighthearted and can definitely be filed under victimizing and humiliating.

His words at the end of the video do hint at a struggling Salads whose grasping at straws to stay popular and relevant in the Youtube community. According to Salads, “…watch my videos to the end and comment and get the watch time up, we need it, channels dying. I need it bad.” A quick look at his latest stats does point to video view counts that aren’t all that stellar even with 1.5 M subscribers. Even his week old vlog channel doesn’t seem to be raking in the needed views like he’d hope. 

Perhaps Joey Salads should try real pranks within the realm of what decent pranks should be and not needlessly anger people for exposure and view counts. And if he shows his mug at any car show, you’ll know exactly what to his ride if he dares show what car he came out of.


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