Here’s exactly what the difference sounds like between a standard 10th Gen Civic hatch with 1.5T and the Sport Touring trim.

Honda’s sportiest Civic on sale right now, the 2017 Honda Civic Hatch Sport trim, comes with a slightly more powerful tune and a free-flowing dual exit exhaust. But what does that exhaust sound like compared to it’s turbo brethren? Thankfully if you want a direct comparison, lend me your ears. According to our good friends from earlier today (March. 20,2017) one intrepid owner who owns a Civic Hatch in regular trim and Sport trim filmed a side by side exhaust comparison between the two. Check out the video below!

We have to admit, the video isn’t the most visually appealing exhaust comparison, but then again we’re here to listen to exhausts sounds. The 1.5 T with single exit exhaust tucked underneath the bumper out of sight and found on the cheapest trim level for Honda Civic hatch sounds decent enough with a noticeable growl in the upper rev range. But when the owner switches to the Civic Hatch equipped with dual center exit exhaust tips, that same exhaust growl is slightly richer in tone and can be heard throughout the rev range. So  yes, the sport exhaust definitely sounds better.

The $1,600 question is whether that difference in sound and extra +6 HP/10 lb-ft is worth…well…$1,600. Not to mention the fact that you get underbody side spoilers, larger alloy wheels and foglights standard. Our opinion is that as a whole, the sport trim package is definitely worth it and will be a sought after trim level in the used car market in the immediate future. But in terms of sound between the two, we certainly think that Honda could’ve given the sport just a bit more exhaust growl and bite throughout the rev range.

Honda has yet to unveil the production ready Si trim level and we already know that Honda will use the same 1.5 T found in their sedan , coupe, and hatch so we expect the Si exhaust note to reveal just how loud Honda is willing to make their arguably sportier trim for Civic.

On a side note, if we owned a Civic Hatch sport, we hope Invidia comes out with a similar sounding N1 exhaust for hatch soon because it sounds like what we think Honda should’ve made the Sport trim to sound like in the first place. Have a listen below! Definitely richer tone but not Fiat Abarth crazy.



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