If you’re going to speed in and out of traffic in the middle of the day in an exotic, be sure you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s hard to drive an exotic Lamborghini like the Aventador at regular speeds, especially when you can hit 217 MPH without even breaking a sweat, so naturally you’re bound to get pulled over when your ego gets the best of you and you start going all “Fast and the Furious” in normal traffic. Damon Fryer found this out the hard way when he got pulled over by California’s finest, the CHP, and then later let the entire world know of his shenanigans when they posted it on Facebook earlier this week (Sept. 27,2018.)

It looks like Damon and his crew were headed to Willow Springs to let loose their exotics but just couldn’t help themselves on the way there. If anyone knows anything about getting to Willow Springs from civilization, you most likely will drive on Highway 14 AKA one long piece of road that stretches a good 30 miles from the middle of Lancaster to Willow Springs before you make that last left onto Rosamond.

On a Thursday, in the middle of the day, I don’t really blame Damon for giving it the beans, it’s just that he got caught doing it.

Then again, Damon has a knack for ending up on social media for speeding. Here’s a story from last year where he pissed off a bunch of Canadians (which is close to impossible) by starting a bunch of ruckus on the news about variable speed limits shortly after his Ferrari was impounded.

The year earlier, he crashed his Ferrari in Monterey, a city known for its chill driving atmosphere. Again, how he managed to crash an exotic with superior handling in a low-speed situation is beyond me.

And if he’s not crashing his exotics, he’s causing mayhem with his cohort Alex Choi by mobilizing an army of illegal scooter riders.

I look forward to how else Damon Fryer ends up on the news before the year wraps up.

Actually, not really. Just chill, Damon. Chill.


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