Leave it to an Instagram Fan meetup to be the straw that broke the camel’s back because all electric scooters are banned in Beverly Hills for six months.

Beverley Hills Mayor Julian Gold does not mess around as he had tense words against Lime and Bird in support of an urgency ordinance that passed by the City Council banning motorized electric scooters for six months. Motorized scooters have been a growing problem for the L.A. city which all reached a crescendo last weekend thanks to a fan meetup organized by Instagrammer and Youtuber Alex Choi. Check out the report from Fox 11 below.

Videos posted on Youtube by Alex Choi fans show the disregard for motorized scooter laws which by in large include riding in the bike lane, having a driver’s license and following traffic laws. The video below shows a snapshot of what went down this past weekend.

Taking heed from Beverly Hills police and local residents, the city council took immediate action. Speaking against Bird and Lime, Gold said,

“Just because you beg for forgiveness doesn’t mean that you get it,” said Mayor Dr. Julian Gold. “And this is one where forgiveness is really not appropriate. Because what they did was really disgusting. And they put everybody in this room at risk, and they put your kids at risk, and there’s no responsibility for it all, none at all.”

Shortly after, Beverley Hills police posted a press release informing the public that they’ll be taking a zero tolerance approach to this issue, citing public safty as the main concern.

The use of motorized scooters in Beverly Hills has dramatically increased in recent weeks with the Police Department issuing warnings and citations for riders not wearing helmets, driving on sidewalks in a business district or not possessing a valid driver’s
license. Police have responded to several injury involved vehicle collisions involving motorized scooters. Police have also removed scooters from sidewalks and streets that obstructed the normal movement of traffic and created a hazard.

Earlier this week I posted how Alex Choi was brazen enough to organize ANOTHER scooter takeover this coming weekend. I think that fan meetup is cancelled now.

I’ll be curious how he responds to this new ordinance as it’s sure to affect his local fan meetups.



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