Lime scooter mob organized by Instagrammer Alex Choi wreaks havoc on streets of L.A.

Your right to peaceably assemble is guaranteed by the constitution but those rights have limits. According to Fox 11 news on their report on a horde of lime scooter users invading Beverly Hills, Calif, it looks like those rights are being tested with social media linking Youtuber and Instagrammer Alex Choi as lead organizer.

Thanks to ANG News off of Instagram, an independent videographer who sells footage to local news for use, around midnight earlier yesterday hundreds of lime scooter users were spotted roaming around the streets and malls of Beverly Hills, riding indoors, going through parking garages, and impeding the flow of traffic on city streets and sidewalks.

It got so bad that Beverly Hills police was called out to make sure that there wasn’t any collateral damage from this impromptu fan meetup.

The group was organized by an instagrammer named Alex Choi and co-organized by Daily Driven Exotics. Beverly Hills police attempted to stop the group on Rodeo Drive after observing their behavior becoming more and more dangerous.

As you can see in the video, the large majority of lime scooter and bike riders brazenly rode through red lights and on city sidewalks impeding the flow of pedestrian traffic. In the video above, you can see ANG News’s camera pointed right at Lime Scooter riders as they scooted right by his camera without giving way.

To add insult to injury, it looks like another scooter takeover is in the works for this coming Saturday.


On an individual level, the large majority of those lime scooter users were clearly under 18. In their User agreementscooter riders have to be 18 and older, have California drivers licenses and generally follow all the rules of the road. Something tells Alex Choi didn’t exactly warn his fan meetup attendees to heed these rules.

Fan meetups are A-OK as long as it doesn’t become a hindrance to traffic on the streets, indoors or on public sidewalks.

I’m sure Beverly Hills police aren’t taking kindly to staffing officers to deal with these types of gatherings.

So go ahead Alex Choi, have your fan meetups. Just ask your followers not to ride in on scooters, to be respectful of their surroundings and just be chill. Maybe set some guidelines for your fans safety?

Because we know that you have the best intentions but when mob mentality takes over, those intentions fly out the window.



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