If you want a pokey, and nondescript looking hot hatch by today’s standards that’s capable of hitting 236 MPH and beyond, here’s the eBay listing for you.

If there’s one thing tuning shops in Colorado have perfected into an art form, its high boost forced induction. More than a mile above sea-level, with boost on their side, Colorado tuning cars can keep up with the best of any California tuner despite the thin air environment. And now you can own a piece of this Rocky Mountain excellence. As per Bluewater Performance on their eBay listing they posted up earlier this week (Sept. 26,2018) they’ve got a barn-burner of a VW Hatch that put them on the map to the tune of 236 MPH and beyond. Check out the listing I linked above.

The 2004 VW R32 is already a legend in and of itself, being the greatest expression of a VW’s fourth-gen Golf introduced in mid-1999. Underneath its unassuming body is the heart of a sports car with a 3.2L engine from an Audi TT, its four-wheel drive system from said Audi and front and rear suspension geometries are taken from Audi’s parts bin. In total, there where only 5,000 R32s sold in the United States. Stock, the R32 is capable of a 6.6-second launch to 60 MPH and 154 MPH when topped out.

But, this isn’t any ordinary R32. As per the eBay listing, gone is the 3.2, and in its place is a 2.5L 5 cylinder, a VW special. Before its engine was rebuilt to what it is today, they set up this R32 for Bonneville Salt Flat duties. That means a transmission with a final speed capable of hitting a theoretical 340 MPH. When a driver from Blue Water Performance strapped himself in the seats of this hellraiser, it laid down 236 MPH verified by GPS with speed to spare.

Suffice to say, this car is a handful with a laundry list of aftermarket parts that takes a while to scroll down.

If you want a taste at just how bonkers this car really is, Youtube is filled with videos of this hatch tearing it up. Here’s a dyno vid with this Bluewater special flexing to the tune of 826 HP.

Right now, bidding is stalled at $12,000 and hasn’t met its reserve but it’ll sell for far less than what they put into it, as is per usual for tuner cars.

If you’re looking for a car that’ll get you to 200 MPH and beyond on the cheap, here’s your ride. This R32 is probably also great at embarrassing exotics.


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