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Snap-on socks

Snap-on makes socks and mechanics are selling them on eBay

Snap-on. seller of some of the most expensive tools known to man (but also very good tools) makes socks and non-mechanics can only buy them...
Bluewater Performance

You can bid on this 1000 HP VW R32 capable of more than 236...

If you want a pokey, and nondescript looking hot hatch by today's standards that's capable of hitting 236 MPH and beyond, here's the eBay...
Sun Evolution Elise

1 of 3 Sun International Lotus Elise’s With B18C5 Swap Hits The Market

One of three U.S. street-legal Lotus Elise S1's popped up for sale on eBay. Back in 2001, if you wanted a Lotus Elise S1 in...
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