Snap-on. seller of some of the most expensive tools known to man (but also very good tools) makes socks and non-mechanics can only buy them on eBay.

If you’ve hung around any internet forum, car Facebook group or are an actual mechanic, you know exactly who and what Snap-On is. They’re makers of some very high-quality tools right here in the United States of America. USA! USA! USA! They’re also ridiculously expensive tools. I’ve heard of mechanics taking payment plans out for their tool carts.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they make very good tools, but there are options, people. So, color me surprised when I found out that Snap-on makes socks? They do, they probably give them out to mechanics as a promotional item for free, and they’re selling for ridiculously expensive prices on eBay.

Here’s the official Snap-on link as proof that they actually are a thing and I’m not making this whole story up.

Since there’s no actual price for them, the market sets the price and people are really paying big money for a pair of these, “Made in America” socks.


Here’s a screenshot of people who actually bought three pairs or a dozen in some cases. And here’s the link if you want to check out these socks for yourself. 

When I was initially doing research around these socks, I, for one, will not even THINK of spending about $6.67 for one pair of socks, which is what 12 pairs for $80 will get you. But, try as I might, I could not find a major brand that sells bog standard, “Made in America” socks. Key word. Major. Carhartt sells socks but they’re more expensive than these Snap-on ones. Some companies, like Levis, claim to be Made in the USA but the cotton comes from overseas.

So, these Snap-on socks are quite reasonable if you’re looking for “Made in America.”

But $95 for a breaker bar, Snap-on? Yah, my butt is going to good ol’ Harbor Freight.

Source: eBay


  1. I know 6 dollars or more is pricey for a pair of socks, But they are the most durable and comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. I Bought mine of the Snap-On Truck, none were given to me. I need to get more, all of mine are about Eight Years old or more and are finally developing holes.

    • Truth, they are really comfortable and don’t smell after a long day. My buddy got a shirt and two pairs for free…after buying a $10k box

  2. So i own probably 10 pairs. Got a few for free but bought the rest. And i have to say, as a diesel mechanic who’s on his feet all day in boots. They are by far one of the best socks I’ve ever owned. And secret time, they go for 5 bucks a pair on the truck ?. So the $80 pack isn’t too far off.


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