Do you find yourself so stressed out during your daily commute or just navigating your local roads in general? This technique handed down to Navy Seals and perfected through battle readiness training can help even the most stressed driver.

Commuting is stressful for most people, especially if you live in an area notorious for traffic. People might tell you to, “just leave earlier” but sometimes life gets in the way and that’s not really a possibility because of kids, other priorities beyond work and things like also being a full-time student. So, if podcasts, NPR, and, green tea isn’t making your commute less stressful, perhaps this technique perfected by Navy Seals will.

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It’s called box breathing and it’s super-simple to learn.

  1. Usually, you need to find a comfortable place, but if you’re driving, that comfortable place will be in your driver’s seat.
  2. Inhale air for four seconds
  3. Hold that air for four seconds
  4. Exhale for four seconds.
  5. Hold your lungs empty for four seconds
  6. Repeat for about five minutes.

So, how are you supposed to utilize this technique if you’re driving and how do you time yourself? Well, you can estimate how long four seconds is just by counting and for the five minutes part, know that a radio edit of your favorite Top 40 song is about two and a half minutes. Practice this breathing technique through two songs and that’s five minutes.

Now, this technique isn’t guaranteed to rid you of all your stress for the entirety of your commute but I bet you it will make you a bit more alert because of all that oxygen, a little less stressed out, and that much more focused on the drivers around you.

This technique can be adapted to any situation; before work, before a test, before your teen takes his driving test, and before a job interview too.

Life is too short to be stressed out over a commute. I hope this technique brings you some peace during life’s stressful moments.



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