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This #MustangThings post might be from the last day of 2018 and this post is a little bit old, but all my posts, as of late, are a little off because I’m in Vegas on vacation! So, let’s delve into the Mustang-ness of this #MustangThings Instagram post gone awry. As per one of my favorite sources for all things Mustang, this one comes to us form @818_1320 who got the video from some Oakland resident in the Yay who attended a sideshow earlier that weekend (Dec. 28, 2018.)


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Yesterday mustang in the wild #MustangThings #MustangsInTheWild Video @issac_avila

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Posted up on the corner of 14th and 42nd Avenue, this is a popular spot for Mustangs to go wild since this sideshow location is next to the 880 Freeway just in case police show up, cars can dip. Oakland sideshows are PACKED. It is, after all, the birthplace of the sideshow and this is Bay Area “underground” culture at its finest. Needless to say, there is a lot of people and there isn’t exactly any crowd control. Mix that in with RWD muscle “Swanging it” for strangers, and this is what happens.

This Ford Mustang is doing the most with another Mustang and a Nissan 350Z (what a surprise, amirite?) putting on an OK smoke show for the crowd until the inevitable happens. This Mustang goes ham, understeers, and drives straight into the crowd of onlookers, with half of them focused on their phones more than anything.

That Ford Mustang plows throw at least a dozen people before people pick themselves off the crowd. The Mustang books it, because that’s what Mustangs do, and an impromptu mob forms as they run after the car, presumably to kick, hit, dent, and smash it if they can catch up to it. No word if they did, though.

Color me not surprised. Mustangs going to Mustang.

Source: 818_1320


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