Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Irvine Sideshow

Mayhem in SoCal: Giant Irvine Sideshow completely overpowers Irvine Police force

A late-night sideshow in Irvine, California outnumbered available police and shut down this busy intersection. You'd think that horror stories of $1,000 exhaust tickets, the end...
Mustangs in the wild

Mustangs still be Mustangin’: Watch this Mustang attack an Oakland Sideshow crowd

Welcome to Mustang Things Tuesday where we scour social media for the best #MustangThings post that deserves our attention. This #MustangThings post might be from...
Martinez Sideshows

East Bay public works thinks grapefruit speed bumps will stop sideshows

Contra Costa public works is dropping $50,000 on a pilot program that aims to curb sideshows. Sideshows are a growing problem and nuisance unique to...
Oakland Sideshow

Oakland sideshow mayhem: Car attacks crowd, crowd attacks car, 85 cars impounded

Here's another case of "car meet" drama in California, but this time it's in NorCal. If Southern California has unmanageable mega meets, Northern California has...

This street drifter calling out sideshow goers in this epic clapback is facts

This drifter who learned on the streets wants to make one thing clear, sideshow drivers aren't drifters. While most sideshow drivers and their cars can...
Sideshow crowd hit

POV perspective: What it looks like when you hit a crowd at a sideshow

We've all seen Mustang's driving into crowds, but what does it look like from the drivers perspective? You've heard about sideshows, seen police arresting and...