Here’s another case of “car meet” drama in California, but this time it’s in NorCal.

If Southern California has unmanageable mega meets, Northern California has its sideshows and this weekend, NorCal was the car scene to make the news. As per SF Gate earlier today (Sept. 23,2018) reports coming in about gunshots, illegal sideshow activity, and blocked off freeway entrances put into action a plan Oakland Police had all along, waiting for the worse to hit. When all was said and done, Oakland Police, in cooperation with local CHP and towing companies, towed away 85 cars and issued dozens of citations concluding one of the largest sideshows in Oakland history. Here’s how they caught them.

Social media being the way it is, a lot of planning is done out in public. How else do you mobilize hundreds of cars at a moments notice to an undisclosed location? With advanced notice that “something” was going down days before the actual sideshow, Oakland Police already mobilized tow trucks, had a plan in place to block off cars involved, and presumably got reinforcements for their special sideshow task force.

As mentioned, reports started coming in at 1:40 AM and police were on the scene well before towing started at 2:30 AM. Choosing an intersection near the i-880 interstate on the corner of 42nd avenue, sideshow attendees thought they could hop onto the freeway and escape before police arrived. Unbeknownst to them, police already had a plan set up in advance, blocking in sideshow attendees whether or not you were involved.

Under the cloak of anonymity and mob think, many sideshow attendees started throwing rocks and bottles at police. ABC 7 reported that at least two police officers were injured in the resulting chaos.

But what really got my attention on social media was video footage of one particular sideshow car who lost control and slowly plowed into a crowd. Immediately surrounded by sideshow onlookers, they started taking out their anger on this unfortunate car. Thanks to all things sideshow and street racing on Instagram, @818_1320, here’s what that looked like.


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Part 1 WATCH UNTIL END Car lost it and went into crowd. Then crowd fights back. Last night up north.

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Part 2 Car lost it and went into crowd. Then crowd fights back. Last night up north.

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I’m not sure what happened to this dude but he either got towed away that night or escaped with fresh dents on his car.

As the weather cools down and with summer officially ending, hopefully, sideshow activity will decrease. Until then, if you do plan on going, be prepared to pay the price whether you participate or not. That means getting your car impounded and slapped with a huge fine.

Perhaps it’s time to ratchet up the laws, make it an offense punishable by getting your car impounded and crushed if you take part in sideshow activity.


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