It’s a sideshow warning to, “get back or get smacked,” but what this spectator went through was a case of, “get back or get pantsed.”

A sideshow spectator is regretting standing too close to a swinging Ford Mustang as smartphone footage shared by Instagram user @Bucket_36 earlier this weekend from a Sacramento sideshow shows the spectator, not only getting his legs run over, his pants flew off in the process, too.

Check out the embarrassing footage for yourself below. Just in case the footage below gets taken down, there’s a mirror linked here.

A compilation of sideshow footage from @Bucket_36 shows sideshow activity taking place at a nearby shopping center and close to the Sacramento International Airport, an area known by local police as a hotbed for illegal drag racing and sideshow activity.

This particular moment of sideshow activity shows a spectator attempt to film near the front wheels, also known as the pivot point, of a Ford Mustang.

When done correctly, you can film close to a car doing a donut without getting hit.

This spectator, unfortunately, heads towards the Mustang while it’s still moving forward.

The Mustang hits him head on causing him to fall directly into the path of the Mustang’s fast-approaching drive wheels.

The spectator simultaneously gets his legs run over and his pants pulled off.

Fortunately, he pops up seemingly uninjured.

More concerned that he’s naked in front of literally hundreds of dudes, he rushes to pull his pants up, something he couldn’t have done if he was truly injured.

His presumed friends rush towards him, grabbing his wallet before determining that he’s indeed not actually injured.

‘He’s going down in history,” @SixFilthy comments. “Glad he got up by himself though.”

“That adrenaline got him right up lol,” @CamberBMW pointed out. “He’s going to feel that leg tomorrow ?.”

Take note, sideshow spectators, if you’re going to attend, well aware of the legal ramifications, at least take care not to get too close to the drifting cars.


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