We’ve all seen Mustang’s driving into crowds, but what does it look like from the drivers perspective?

You’ve heard about sideshows, seen police arresting and impounding cars from sideshows, and might’ve even been stuck in traffic thanks to one happening right in front of you. But what does it look like from the drivers perspective? And more importantly, what’s it like to lowkey smack into some people because they weren’t paying attention? According to a video reposted by my favorite Instagram page this side of the Mississippi on all things illegal street racing in the Valley (except this vid’s from Oakland, Calif) AKA @818_1320 someone witnessed firsthand what it looks like to slam into a crowd when your car loses control.

Is the video removed below? Follow this link here for a copy!

I’m not sure what type of car this dude is swangin’ but the engine note makes me think it’s some sort of four-cylinder, possibly an S-Chassis and not a Ford Mustang like I originally thought.

And if you’re wondering what it looked like from above, here’s a helicopter perspective of the crash.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Sideshows by their very nature are dangerous environments, which sort of explains why they’re so popular. It’s illegal, dangerous, and, it’s all over social media, but they can’t arrest everyone if the police come.
If you DO attend sideshows, although it sounds like common sense to keep your wits about you and pay attention to where the cars are headed, chances are everyone’s not as smart as you. It’s clear that the people who got hit weren’t paying attention. Then again, part of the blame goes to the driver for not knowing his car’s limits and “sending it” regardless.
Just like a mosh pit (bear with me) you can’t go swinging aimlessly into the crowd of people, you’ve got to know the rules and stick to them if you bring your car to a sideshow. It’s bad enough you’re taking over a busy intersection or cul de sac, the least you can do is make sure everyone attending isn’t going to be injured because of your lack of wrenching skills.
Whoever got hit better have some good insurance that’ll believe anything they say as they’re going to find it difficult to file a claim saying they “got hit by a car attending a sideshow.”


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