All the short throw shifter goodness you’ve come to know and love from Hybrid Racing’s K-series short throw shifter is now available for B and D-series engines.

Big news coming from Hybrid Racing earlier today (Aug. 20, 2018) as their short throw shifter assemblies for the B and D series engine is available for pre-order. Priced competitively compared to other short throw shifter assemblies at $300, with an aluminum and stainless steel body, and a great feel, this shifter looks to be the latest and greatest must-have centerpiece for any serious car build. But don’t take my word for it. One of my favorite Honda Youtubers, LaTommyLa, already got his hands on a pre-production one. Check out THAT video below.

To be fair, Hybrid Racing put out a short video embedded in their product page above, but at just a few minutes long, it really does a disservice to a pricey product to its demographic. Thankfully, independent YouTubers like LaTommyLa already dropped that fire with a longer video as posted above.

As per LaTommyLa and Hybrid Racing, the main benefits from this short throw shifter are mainly how the shifter feels, and more importantly, the adjustability.

With other adjustable short shifters, if you wanted to adjust the throw, or the distance that your shifter travels, you had to take out the entire shift assembly and adjust the ball. With this new Hybrid Racing B & D series shifter, you can do it on the fly from the comfort of your driver’s seat, between 10 and 40 percent throw adjustability without taking off the shifter assembly.


And as LaTommyLa’s video shows, when adjusted for your optimal shift height, the short throws still retain that quality notchiness that you come to expect from a short throw shifter but, overall, the shifts are smooth.

Long story short, this shifter is definitely worth the $300, the materials are top notch and is a product you’ll be satisfied for the life of your vehicle.

Although you can place your order today, it’ll be a couple weeks to you get one. First batches go out September 7.


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