This drifter who learned on the streets wants to make one thing clear, sideshow drivers aren’t drifters.

While most sideshow drivers and their cars can pull off multiple tricks that takes some skill like burnouts, controlled slides in a circle and donuts, it’s common knowledge that they aren’t exactly drifters. But according to Shane-O Payton AKA @nihongo_shaneo, there are a couple of sideshow drivers calling themselves drifters. And when sideshow drivers are giving a bad name to car guy’s in general, you better believe real-deal drifters are distancing themselves from these sideshow goers. Check out Shane’s epic clapback video for yourself below.

Admittedly, both sideshow goers and street drifters aren’t exactly following the rules of the road when they take their street legal cars (or not) out onto city streets. But, a big difference between both is the skill gap and respect.

One thing I don’t respect is when y’all say y’all drifting. When y’all say you’ve got “bars” more bars then us drifters, OK. Y’all don’t have as much bars as us drifters. If you guys can’t hit an actual turn and connect, go on a turn and manji, upshift downshift, if you don’t know how to use your handbrake if you even have one, then you guys can’t talk, y’all ain’t raw bro.

Shane-O then puts out a call for any of these self-proclaimed drifters to call him out to drift.

Although, Shane-O does “support” their sideshow movement, there’s a big difference in respect between the two, as well. Sideshows, by their very nature, are about shock culture, ego, and glorifying oneself at the expense of the general public. The bigger the better. Sideshow drivers and goers are out to top themselves by shutting down entire freeways and causing mayhem on a Tuesday afternoon.

Street drifters, on the other hand, tend to stay out of the limelight. It’s all about leveling up, personal improvement, skill, and keeping drifting fun. You’ll hear them late at night, but they aren’t going to shut down an intersection “for the gram.”

And their skill level, like @nihongo_shane_o points out, is above and beyond these sideshow goers.

I don’t think sideshows should be a thing. Hopefully it fades out. But to call themselves drifters, drifters you are not.


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