If you want a legal way to rip a mean burnout where the neighbors can’t do diddly squat, this is how to do it.

Burnouts. Usually, if you want to do one within a stone’s throw of where you live, you risk the neighbors calling the police on you and, if they catch you in the act, can throw some heinous ticket at you, something like “exhibition of speed” (don’t ask how I know that.) Anyways, drifter, wrencher, and all around badass Raythna Gomer dropped an awesome video around the holidays that shows her ripping a mean burnout in her drift car all within the confines of her own garage. Since you can do pretty much most things car related normally illegal on city streets on your own property, the neighbors can’t do much of anything about it.

Here’s the video of her Z making some clouds from her Instagram post below!


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Raythna’s caption reads,

“Not much beats a Christmas garage burnout and almost destroying the house. I wanted to do one with the new Z, but it’s an open diff and a one tire fire ain’t that exciting lol”

The obvious danger of pulling a burnout in your own garage is damage to your own property like she demonstrates quite aptly in her own display of cloud making, which, by the way, kudos for keeping that part in the video. The other is fire if an engine gets overworked and heat builds up thanks to no airflow over engine parts which would otherwise get cooling at speed, engine failure can occur. But those are the risks you take if you want to be a daggum garage legend.

I low-key foreshadowed that her neighbors can’t do anything because the last time she pulled this stunt in her own garage and shared it with the rest of the world, the police WAS called. As I mentioned, the police couldn’t do anything but to remind her to keep the noise down.

Check out that video here.

So, if you want to do a burnout and do it legally living in a suburban area, if you’re so inclined, warm up your Mustang and rip one in your garage.

Source: @Ladii_z33


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