Do you want an Acura NSX for the price of a used Honda Civic? Now’s your chance.

A new 2018 Acura retails for around $156,000 if you go for the bare bones route with steel rotors and without any extras. That’s why people who hanker for an NSX often go for a first gen one. But, if you want a nice first gen NSX, it’ll set you back at least $60,000 for a decent one in today’s used market. So, color me surprised when I found this first gen Acura NSX for just $14,000! Oh, it might’ve been in an accident at one point and is not driveable the way it is, but look at it! An Acura NSX for just $14,000.

According to the seller,

I have this nsx that came from Florida. I had intentions of parting it out but have decided to sell as is. I’m asking $14,000. I live in northeast Mississippi.


To be honest and one glance at the photo gallery and it’s quite obvious why this particular NSX is so cheap, it’s been in a major accident that’s totaled the front end beyond what insurance is willing to pay to repair it. Anyone who knows anything about these cars knows that the NSX has an all-aluminum chassis, which sends shivers down the spine of auto-body repair shops.

First of all, body shops are not used to repairing aluminum and any bog-standard shop around where you might live will flat out refuse a job like this.

Aluminum can’t be straightened like steel, it has no “memory” so to speak. When aluminum is crashed it becomes work-hardened and brittle. In order to repair it, you must heat the area and rework the metal just right. In this case, this NSX will probably require a donor front end, which is not easy to find.

If and when you do find a donor front end, you must find a confident body mechanic willing to work on such a task which might be impossible given the risk involved.

But, it’s not like it hasn’t been done before, repairing a frame damaged NSX. Here’s a thread on NSX Prime where three were repaired around the same time, all with frame damage.

So, that’s why this particular NSX is so cheap. It’s probably worth more as parts as it looks like the engine remains undamaged.

But, if you’re willing to take a risk, this could be the world’s cheapest NSX.

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