California police really landed their CHP helicopter smack dab in-between Amazon delivery trailers to assist in a takedown and arrest.

Yesterday (Mar. 26. 2019) CHP’s Golden Gate Air Division released video from their latest assist that involved their helicopter literally landing between dozens of semi-trailers. With the helicopter’s blades literally feet away from Amazon semi-trailers, things could’ve turned out far worse than they did but thanks to the thousands of hours of training these flying boys in blue have, CHP made it look like a walk in the park. Check out the amazing video for yourself below.

Their video caption pretty much tells the entire story but long story short, Sacramento police literally called in the big guns when a car came back as stolen and refused to stop when given the blues and tunes. Starting from Sacramento, the perp in the stolen car led police on a more than 30-mile high-speed chase that traversed multiple counties presumably hit dangerous speeds and ultimately ended in the City of Vacaville when the suspect decided to ditch the car when driving the wrong direction didn’t pan out.

With literal eyes in the sky thanks to CHP helicopters, local Vacaville police were able to locate the car thief within moments as he attempted to hide underneath Amazon distribution center trailers. Seeing that the officers were having a rough go at securing the perp, in an assist that will probably go down in history as one of the most bad a** ways to arrest someone, the helicopter pilot deftly maneuvered his craft within feet of trailers, safely landed, and helped CHP police exit the helicopter to take down the suspect.

In an interview with Fox 40 news, the pilot said

“At that point, you just get in where you can to help out, whether it’s holding a leg or holding an arm.In that case, I held his arm in order and allowed them to be able to place the handcuffs.”

If this story isn’t incentive enough to not steal cars, thinking that you’ll get away with it, I don’t know what it is.

Did you think it was necessary for CHP to land a helicopter to assist in an arrest? Let me know your answer and other thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Source: CHP


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