If you’re wondering what the heck is a Nissan Laurel, why does it have KFC graphics, and how did it crash, I’m here to shed some light on the situation.

If there ever was a combination of car and livery that doesn’t make sense and at the same time makes perfect sense it has to be this 1990 Nissan Laurel with KFC livery that I just found out about in the most unfortunate way. As per members on the largest unofficial Facebook group posting all things H2Oi, it looks like this beloved KFC liveried Nissan Laurel got into an accident with a classic Pontiac and a Hyundai that rendered it beyond repair, destined for the crusher. Check out some unfortunate photos of the crash below.


As per the owner of this sweet Nissan Laurel, not long for this world, who goes by the name nate_c33 on Instagram,

I never thought I would be emotionally upset about losing a car, but I sure am extremely upset about losing this one. It was by far the best one I’ve ever owned. Upsetting a Pontiac didn’t yield to my right of way and tried to make a turn right in front of me when he shouldn’t have. “Cars are replaceable” but to me this one is going to be hard to replace. It’s not like I have time or money to ship one from Japan to here to replace this one.

The accident happened on the corner of 77th Street and the Coastal Highway Road in Ocean City, Maryland.

It should be noted that this was not during H2Oi Ocean City but during Endless Summer Ocean City Cruising, a lot tamer weekend filled event tailored towards classic muscle care and the like.

But, it looks like locals in the area who attended H2Oi still take this Endless Summer cruise as an opportunity to join in on the fun. And of course, when there’s a lot of cars trying to navigate otherwise eventless city streets, crashes likes this, unfortunately, is bound to happen.

So, why all the hype for this KFC Car? Well, for one, just look at it, can YOU name another KFC liveried car that looks that good? Probably not.

Then there’s the fact that its a 1990 Nissan Laurel, a car that we didn’t get in the United States. Not only is it a badass sedan, it’s hottest trim level has a RB25DET engine from the R33 Nissan Skyline shoehorned in it. Presumably, with a little work, you can stuff more stout RB’s in. It’s a cool car with plenty of drift cred.

This particular KFC Laurel looks to be a fan favorite during the aforementioned 2018 H2Oi OC weekend. I’ll let Nate’s posts do the talking. Just look at it!.


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I have the best fucking friends 😍 gah damn I don’t know if I can actually sell this car

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What a good weekend, Ocpd cant tear apart this weird bromance

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Although this Laurel’s no longer with us, I do hope Nate finds it in his heart (and his wallet) to build something similar in the future. The world needs the smiles and joy that only a drifting KFC liveried car can bring.


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